Depression and Alcohol – Men Get Depressed, too

Depression and Alcohol - Men Get Depressed, too

There is a lot more focus on mental health these days – especially when it comes to the mental health of men which, for a long time, has often been pushed to the side. Few people in the past believed that men could get depressed and a lot of this had to do with the macho image of being a stable male figure.

Thankfully, more issues have come to light and a lot more men are opening up about their mental health and the issues they face. In combination with alcohol, which is a natural depressant, issues relating to addiction are also covered. Whilst alcoholism and depression are not one and the same, they are very much interlinked in a lot of cases.

Figuring Out the Problem

Mental health problems are not always easy to identify. Depression in men, in particular, can manifest in a number of ways. In a lot of cases, it can appear in the form of anger or hypersexual activity. There are quite a lot of men who, in fact, will mask their feelings in different ways (especially through excessive drinking).

In this sense, it often means that alcoholism and depression can go hand in hand. This is where inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers are a good place to look. It’s where you can get a very specific type of treatment that will aim to identify and tackle the underlying factors.

Inpatient Care – When Do You Need It?

This isn’t a question that can be answered easily because it depends on the individual and their condition. The likes of inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers may offer both types of programs: both inpatient and outpatient and leave it up to the individual themselves to decide. Often it is good for the patient themselves to decide what’s best for them, however, a doctor or a counselor may also make the decision. It can, therefore, depend on the severity of the case.

Dual diagnosis residential treatment is a big step to take. It is also the first step in the recovery process, especially with regards to addiction. Individuals who start on this path must be aware of the trials and tribulations they’ll face. However, it is also important to focus on the good: the fact that recovery is possible. It takes time, the right support and the will of the individual themselves to get this going.


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