Should You Tell Your Employer You’re in Rehab Counseling?

Should You Tell Your Employer You're in Rehab Counseling

Telling your family, friends and other loved ones that you’re going through issues with addiction can be difficult. Some people are ashamed to admit it, others may be worried about the kind of reaction they’ll receive. However, telling one’s employer is particularly daunting for a lot of people simply because they feel that they may end up losing their job. After all, work is not like family: in most cases, one’s family isn’t going to “fire” a person because they have a problem. There are indeed employers, however, who take a different view because, at the end of the day, workers are seen as resources.

So, Should You Talk About Your Rehab Counseling?

Your employer may not be aware of the addiction problems you have, and if you’ve been undergoing outpatient care then they also may not be aware of your visits to alcohol rehab centers. This can pose quite a challenge as, from the outset, you may seem “fine” to them. In most cases, however, your boss may already be aware of your issues. Addiction does have the problem of blinding people to plain facts, so no matter how well you think you hid your problem, it may already be public knowledge.

In this case, the best course of action is indeed to mention it to your boss. There are a few companies who have plans put in place to make sure that employees get the help they need if they start suffering from these types of problems. Which means you may get additional help.

Be Aware of Your Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy

This is especially important to keep in mind! If you feel that your boss may ask you about specific incidences where you were inebriated at work -and you, of course, don’t want to lie or have them use it as an excuse to fire you- it may be best to keep it under wraps or just not mention it. There is always the option of explaining that you are going to therapy for some kind other health issues: you don’t have to mention alcohol rehabilitations centers or anything similar. You have the right to keep the details private.

Alcohol rehab centers will also respect your confidentiality in this regard. Know that support is still there, even if you don’t feel it from your employer. There are already many support systems that can guide you through this and help you to full sobriety.


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